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Use your DVRs USB Ports to Power Other Devices

4th Apr 2008Technology, Tips

Just wanted to write a quick tech-tip… I have a Moto Q, which is notorious for having a short-lived battery charge time. I […]

Hard Boiled Eggs

22nd Mar 2008Tips

Easter’s here… and that means coloring eggs. I always liked eating hard boiled eggs, but never liked removing the shell. It always seemed […]

Stop IMing Your Passwords

17th Jan 2008Tips

Here’s a tip for you: stop IMing your buddies your passwords! Well, duh. Why would anyone do this in the first place? Because […]

My Notebook

3rd Jan 2008Tips

My buddy Steve Poland has this notebook that’s always with him. He must be on volume 2 or 3 by now, but because […]

2 Months Free Starz Super Pack

16th Oct 2007Tips

DirecTV has this offer for a $25 Target gift card if you sign-up for Starz for 2 months (at $12 / month). So […]

Crack a Master Lock

18th Sep 2007Tips

Lifehacker just reported How to Crack a “Master Lock” Combination Lock but the instructions given (on wikiHow) are very complicated. Here’s how I […]