Add an FM Transmitter to your Mr. Christmas Lights and Sounds of Christmas

4th Dec 2007Christmas, Technology

I’ve had quite a few people email me about adding an FM transmitter to their Mr. Christmas Lights and Sounds of Christmas. I’ve done it to both models (the 20-song version that I had last year, and the 40-song version I have this year) and used 2 different methods. I’m not sure which is better, but here’s the general idea (sorry – no photos yet. I sold my old one, and I’m not taking down the new one now).

First, remove the back plate from the unit. Then remove the screws in the deep holes, and carefully open it up. The speaker has 2 wires going to it from the main circuit board: white & orange.

Either solder a speaker wire where the existing contact points are on the speaker, or splice into this orange/white cord. Drill a hole in the side of the unit & push your wire through there. Now you have an external audio cable. It either has an end on it, or it raw wire.

I use the C. Crane FM Transmitter for my set-up. Once you have this unit, follow the directions on this page to expand the range of it.

Now you either need to cut the wire of the C. Crane unit or somehow otherwise hook it up to the wires coming from the Mr. Christmas. In my set-up, I had 2 male ends, so I bought a Female-to-Female Coupler from Radio Shack to hook it up.

Turn it on, and adjust the audio on the Mr. Christmas. Now, adjust the audio input on the FM Transmitter so when the Mr. Christmas hits the loud notes, you notice the red light come on the transmitter. If the red light is constantly lit, it’ll cause static on the other side. It’s very delicate.

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  1. bill r (January 9, 2008, 2:56 pm).

    1-8-2008.first xmas with the L&s of xmas unit out front. Looking to pimp it up for next year…so looking at different sites

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    [...] course, I’m using the Mr. Christmas Lights & Sounds of Christmas with an FM Transmitter. There are 6 channels with 4,186 total lights on the house. The lights are on from 6-9 each night, [...]

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