Weekend of Work

4th Jun 2007Energy, Family, Outdoors

I got a lot done this weekend, which is good because I hate wasting life away doing nothing.

On Friday, I got some pool chemicals & took off the winter cover – the water was BLACK. Remember back in October we had a little storm? Well, that threw tree branches through the winter cover, allowing leaves & other stuff in the water. We tried cleaning it in November, but didn’t have enough time. However, since the pump wasn’t hooked up, I couldn’t do anything with it.

On Saturday Mr. Bishop & I hooked the solar heater up to the pool. I think it’s going to work great, since I burned my hand on the roof while up there. The temperature up there was at least 120°, if not as high as 140. There are now 72, 1/4″ black tubes that carry the water along the roof, heating up before going back into the pool. Photos coming soon. Of course, we get that hooked up, pump going, and a hose breaks – after all the pool stores are closed. So I had to stop the pool from draining into the backyard, and turn off the pump.

Since Mr. Bishop helped me on Saturday, I went up to the cottage on Sunday with Jason and helped cut the grass & dig up a new garden. Nothing mind-blowing… just lots of manual labor. We did, however, find a stone path leading to the cottage that’s at least 35 years old, since Mom Bishop doesn’t remember it being there, but we dug it up while putting in the garden. That slowed us down a bit. Can’t wait for harvest time to eat the veggies that we worked so hard to get planted.

We got home Sunday just in time to fix the pool, get the pump turned on again, and watch it POUR outside. I figured (incorrectly) that it’d take 3″ of water to fill the rain barrel. Here’s what I thought:

It’s a 58 gallon barrel
58 US gallons = 13 398.0001 cubic inches
My roof (back 1/2) is about 20 feet by 30 feet. That’s 600 square feet, or 86,400 square inches.

That’s where I screwed up the first time… I took 600 * 12, not 600*12*12. So now,

13,398 / 86,400 = 0.155. Really, it only takes .16, or far less than a quarter inch of rain to fill the barrel. Needless to say, after yesterday’s rains, the barrel was overflowing & I switched the bypass on & put the water into the storm sewer. And now I have 58 gallons of rainwater stored up, ready to use for the lawn & gardens.

The pool is now a blue-gray color, with just a few leaves in the middle that need to be scooped out. We should be swimming in there next weekend, if the weather’s nice!

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