Made it to the gym today

5th Dec 2006Finance

It’s been nearly a month, but I made it to the gym yesterday & today.  See, a few weeks ago, I began training for the Turkey Trot.  My idea was that I’d run every day, and skip the gym for a couple weeks.  Well, I didn’t run every day, but I did skip the gym.  I’ve been busy, and if I’m going to bed at midnight, it’s hard to wake up at 5AM and feel inclined to drag myself to the gym.

Last week, I could barely walk without a shooting pain in my left foot – felt like a crap on the outside of my foot.  It was better by Friday, luckily, since I ran on Saturday. Only a little pain on Sunday, and Monday I was at the gym.  I planned on running this morning, but a sheet of ice & a layer of fresh snow stopped me from doing that, so I was at the gym again.  After a quick weight workout, I hit the upright bike for 20 minutes.  Hopefully now I’ll be back in the swing of things.

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