2007 is Right Around the Corner

5th Dec 2006Family, Finance, Fitness

Which means I should start getting together my goals for the year. Last year my goals were quite ambitious, and I didn’t get there. This year, instead of focusing on fitness goals, I’m going to expand the list to other areas of my life.

  1. Business – I want to finally incorporate this year. I think. I’m not sure what kind of corporation I want to do.
  2. Fitness - if I can get back into the shape I was in this summer, I’ll be happy. I’ve put on a bit of weight since the weather has changed, but I know I can get it off again.
  3. House & Home – there’s lots to be done around the house. Little things that just never get done (like the crown molding in my bedroom!). If I go, room by room, and make a list, I can slowly check things off.
  4. Finances - just keep doing what I’ve been doing. Between yesterday and today, I sold a lot of stock, and now have some cash to make some more investments. I’m also about to deposit into my IRA to max out for 2006, so I have to do some research and invest soon. Hopefully I can get another 20%+ this year :)

As we get closer to 2007, I’ll update this list, and maybe keep an online version so you can all keep me in line!

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