farewell summer

18th Aug 2006Uncategorized

I am already just waiting for summer to end. Our vacation was great last week. We had really great weather while we were in Cleveland and we got ALOT of SLEEP. We all actually got about 10-12 hours a night. If you are all sleeping in one room when the kids go to bed at 7pm thats your bedtime too. All next week Jason will be with my mom at the cottage in Canada. Which means he will spend 7 days dressed in his pirate costume, shooting at passing boats, sleeping in Nanas bed, and eating junk food. Being a kid is great!!!
I -on the other hand will be cleaning his room and organizing all his new school clothes/uniforms in his dresser. Yippee. OK that was sarcastic but I am excited that school is almost here. I cant wait for more organization and structure!!!
Jason just realized that he has to wear his uniform everyday-he thought it was just for special days. The poor kid was so upset.
Thank God its almost September!!!!

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